Team feature: B.O.B.’s Brewery Cycle Team

BobsBreweryCycleTeam 3This year, The B.O.B. is making a bigger commitment to be active in the community with the creation of B.O.B.’s Brewery Cycle team in partnership with Ferris Coffee and Central District Cyclery.

It all started with Brewer John. Everyone knows he loves beer, but little do they know, he has a passion for biking as well. John can usually be found riding trails when he’s not busy brewing beer in the basement of The B.O.B.!

About a year ago John approached Central District Cyclery and Ferris Coffee about partnering to create a team that would use the MSU Gran Fondo as their big yearly ride. A year later that ball continues to keep rolling. All three businesses are working harder than ever to not just create a team for the MSU Gran Fondo, but to also create a healthier community that extends the values of the MSU Gran Fondo long past the ride and into the rest of the year.

B.O.B.’s Brewery, Central District Cyclery and Ferris Coffee are excited to be teaming up with one major goal, to bridge the gap between the existing biking community and the greater Grand Rapids community. It’s no secret that if you like to ride in Grand Rapids you can find multiple rides around the area on almost any day of the week, but what if you’re new? What if you’re not sure what type of bike you’ll need or maybe you’re not comfortable riding the roads, well that’s where the B.O.B.’s Brewery team is working its hardest.

BobsBreweryCycleTeam 1

The team has made the commitment to be a first step for new riders. They are hosting community rides every Thursday night. Anyone and everyone who wants to ride is welcome! The ride starts off at 6 pm with an information session at Central District Cyclery for first time riders. It’s a “no rider left behind” ride which means they’ll be with you the whole way to make sure you’re safe and enjoying the ride at your own pace. The ride ends at B.O.B.’s Brewery and anyone who rides gets Mug Club benefits for the night.

BobsBreweryCycleTeam 2

Stay tuned, the B.O.B.’s Brewery cycle team will be hosting a bike clinic at Ferris Coffee featuring bike assessments with Central District Cyclery and a short community ride to The B.O.B. for lunch. More details will be posted here.


B.O.B.’s Brewery, Central District Cyclery and Ferris Coffee are so excited about their team that they even put together a package of perks that include a lifetime B.O.B’s Brewery Mug Club membership, Brew Crew benefits from Ferris Coffee, and discounts on labor at Central District Cyclery for anyone who signs up for the MSU Gran Fondo and joins the B.O.B.’s Brewery Cycle team. Sign up here.

The team is excited to make the MSU Gran Fondo their first big event to start a bigger commitment for a healthier Grand Rapids!

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