AIM High Endurance Challenge Award

AIM High Awards

Beginning this year, the 80-mile MSU Gran Fondo ride is included as a qualifying event to receive the AIM High West Michigan Endurance Challenge Award.

The West Michigan Endurance Challenge award is automatically given to any athlete that completes, in a single year three events (one from each pair):

  1.  80 Mile MSU Gran Fondo OR the 25K Fifth Third River Bank Run, AND
  2. Half-iron or full-iron distance triathlon at the Grand Rapids Triathlon OR the Mi Titanium Triathlon, AND
  3. Full marathon at the Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon OR the Last Chance BQ.2 Marathon.

Last year alone, 36 athletes completed the challenge. We encourage our 80-mile riders to join the challenge and support other West Michigan events.

AIM High seeks to recognize race directors, volunteers, endurance sports clubs, sponsors, individuals with disabilities, and event participants that set out to accomplish their goals…no matter how long it takes or how far they have to go. Learn more about the challenge at

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