A family ride

3-dr-benaderet-with-bikeDr. David Benaderet is no stranger to the MSU Gran Fondo. He’s a five-time participant who has motivated others to join the cause from the very beginning.

He’s challenged colleagues and MSU alumni to ride, sponsored teams of medical students and earned a spot as a top fundraiser multiple times. All to give something back to his alma mater.

But this year, his involvement has taken on new meaning.

“Every time I rode the MSU Gran Fondo, I hoped that my son Jonathan would be riding with me next year. At age 28, he died suddenly… extinguishing that possibility,” said Dr. Benaderet.

His call to action in 2017: Make this a family ride.


Dr. Benaderet and his son Jonathan

“I believe our Gran Fondo provides an opportunity for parents and their adult children to reinforce their importance to each other.”

In his son Jonathan’s memory, Dr. Benaderet is making a generous offer to encourage families to participate in the MSU Gran Fondo together. He would like to sponsor a parent or child on every team, offering the opportunity for families to come together for a bigger cause.

If you’re interested in being sponsored by Dr. Benaderet, please contact him at (586) 206-0985.

Please note: This offer not valid for currently registered participants. Children 12 and younger are permitted on the 12-mile course only.

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