Training Tips

By Mike Clark
Alger Bikes, USAC Coach, JDRF Coach, West Mi Team

The following training plans are intended to be a general guideline, not gospel! As you can see, the basic idea is to increase weekly mileage over a certain period, with a period of “tapering” as your event gets closer.

“Tapering” ensures that you arrive @ your ride recovered and refreshed and ready for the big day!

You’ll also notice that every 4 weeks the weekly mileage actually drops off a bit to give your muscles a chance to recover. The premise is that you can get out 3 times a week, but don’t hesitate to mess with that, as well.

The main goal is that you are comfortable with doing 75% of your total mileage goal 2-4 weeks before the ride, then you “taper” for the remainder of the time until the big day.

How you spread your rides out throughout the week is very flexible as well. If “Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday” doesn’t fit with work, school, family or life in general – change them! It is best to try and get your off days spread out throughout the week but again, use this as a general framework and go from there.

Also – no need for panic if you find yourself without the bike you plan to use for the Big Ride (if it’s at the shop for service for instance)… You can substitute off-road riding if you have a mountainbike, hiking, gym work or one of several alternatives. We can talk about that as we get closer to the Fondo.

By no means should you let this outline convince you to pass up a ride that doesn’t seem to “fit in!” Rides with friends, commuting to work, riding to the beach or for ice cream……these are all much too important to skip because you have to “train” that day. Just make sure that your weekly mileage is in the neighborhood of the plan and we’ll make adjustments if needed as June 22 draws near.

As always……feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns! Happy Riding!

Mike Clark
USAC Coach
JDRF Coach, West Mi Team
Alger Bikes

The following plans are general training guidelines. They’re not the exact mileage of the MSU Gran Fondo routes but are very great resources. We’re very grateful that Mike was able to share these with our participants!

And don’t forget to check out Alger’s Facebook page to find upcoming training opportunities.